Bar Soba


Time to first refill - 16s

Why keep topping up an empty glass when you can just leave the bottle table side!

With two price points of £25 and £30 the only difference between the two is added cocktails on the higher plan. Unfortunately the cocktails were fairly weak but at least they tasted nice! I would definitely recommend going for the cheaper option if giving Bar Soba a visit!


Portion size - medium

The option to choose from some classic Asian dishes is a delightful twist to the standard brunch menu!

Fan favourites, Katsu Curry and Pad Thai are both available on the brunch menu, the Katsu was nice but would have gone down a little easier if the chicken had been pre-cut, the Pad Thai on the other hand was spot on!

Unfortunately, the beef burger looked pretty bland and some what soggy but with a decent helping of fries, yat least you won't leave hungry!


A jazzy fusion of Asian and street decor!

A super colourful venue with spray painted walls and paint splatter seat cushioning!

Split over two floors, upstairs has a lower capacity, which can have one of two outcomes, quiet with slow service or normal with speedy service. Luckily Bar Soba was of the latter with empty Prosecco bottles being replaced almost instantly if not a little prematurely!

Unfortunately there isn't any room to have 'one last drink' once time had been called on the brunch, which although not a deal breaker, can mean hometime for some!

Bar Soba

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