Time to first refill - 4m 11s!

Quite a slow refill rate for a venue that was close to empty, but don't let that stop you from giving it a go...

The Electric Brunch at Gaucho comes in two packages at £45 and £55, oddly, you need to sign up to the higher tier to get the Prosecco, which is a staple brunch drink. This leaves you with a choice of multiple cocktails, along with cider and beer, so it's not all bad!

The cocktails catered for every taste, whether it be Vodka, Whisky or Rum. The straight up spirit mixers weren't watered down and you could definitely taste the spirit. The fan favourite of the group had to be the Cinnamon Colada, where I'm not a fan of a Pina Colada this was definitely a tasty alternative, although it was much harder to taste the spirit.

Side note: the bloody mary seems to come in a one spice fits all, and unfortunately that rendered the drink quite bland!


Portion size - small individual dishes

Don't let the small plates fool you, the big flavour combined with unlimited dishes is a winning combo!

The food offering at Gaucho's Electric Brunch has got to be up there with some of the best! Sticking quite close to the brunch theme there are a range of dishes, including what Gaucho is best known for, steak!

The steak (and egg) was cooked superbly and was larger than some of the other dishes, so it may be worth giving a few of the other dishes a go before diving head first into it!

Now for the real star of the show, the Choripan Sandwich. The two bite premium miniature hotdog made an appearance multiple times per person, and honestly I'd have it again right now if possible!

Side note: with dessert offerings on the menu make sure to time your penultimate dish to end at least 10 minutes before your brunch ends!


A sophisticated venue if you look past all the cow skin decorations!

Yep, cow skin! Not something you would normally put along side grand chandeliers and a wine fridge partition wall!

Walking downstairs into a dimmly lit venue with only a DJ stood playing his music to welcome you was a little odd for what was a mostly sophisticated and well presented interior. The need for a DJ however didn't really seem apparent as the music stayed pretty quiet in the background, although that isn't always a bad thing!


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