Rev de Cuba


Time to first refill - 18s!

A refill time not to be messed with, this is the type of eagle eyed service required for a successful bottomless.

The drinks selection was enough to keep everyone happy. From the staple Prosecco and Bloody Mary to Aperol Spritz and Strawberry Daiquiri.

The Bloody Mary, unfortunately, wasn't very good. No request of spice level meant a bland taste with what seemed like a watered down tomato juice with little to no taste of the vodka. However, most of the other cocktails had a decent kick, and extra bonus points for the Strawberry Daiquiri, as that truly reminded me of being in Cuba.

There is also a premium package (for £10 extra) which contains extra food and drink options. Luckily, one of our party decided to upgrade, and it's safe to say Rev de Cuba didn't hold back with the booze in the 'Rum Perfect Serves'!

We also received a Bellini on arrival which was a nice little starter before continuing with the standard brunch format. Luckily, we didn't need to finish the Bellini before ordering our next drink, and when the mains arrived we were also handed a bottle of Prosecco and a fresh set of glasses to accompany the food.

It's safe to say the drinks started to stack a little by this point!


Portion size - small/medium

A variety of mostly cuban inspired brunch options!

When it comes to portion sizes, be careful what meal you choose as you could end up needing another meal sooner than planned! The Cubano Benedict, was tasty but wasn't enough to fully sustain a normal appetite. The rest of the meals were portioned as you would expect.

There is a saving grace to the portion sizes though, the complementary starter. This was absolutely delightful and a great way to start off a 90 minute alcohol binge! Alongside the mains, we also received two portions of Patatas Bravas, which tasted great but wasn't your typical Patatas Bravas as it came without any sort of sauce! It was more like a cuban equivalent of a hash brown!

A unanimous decision between the table was that the food could have been hotter, as it seemed closer to warm than just been cooked.


Reminiscent of an old fashioned cuban cigar and whiskey lounge.

Dark leather, whiskey barrels and exposed wood help set the scene on the top floor of Rev de Cuba. Laid out with standard tables along booths along the edges, there was ample room for multiple parties without any concern of breaking social distancing rules!

The music definitely helped with the holiday feeling with current popular music mixed with a Latin vibe. All that was missing was a pool!

One final thing to mention is that the base price for the brunch depends on the start time, starting at £22 going all the way up to £35! Add the premium option to the price and you're looking at £45. Would this brunch still be a four star at £45? Probably not.

Rev de Cuba

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