Time to first refill - Anytime you want it!

Not many places will give you a fully comprehensive list of drinks to choose from, but STK not only does that, but also gives you the whole bottle of wine, even if you only wanted a glass!

STK throws out the standard brunch rule of a top up only after you've finished the last and just hands you the drink once you're finished/tired or just plain bored of your current drink!

Pair the free for all style drinking with 3 whole hours, means you won't be leaving sober and definitely ready for the fantastic nightlife Ibiza has to offer!


Portion size - think small sized tapas dishes

Even though the food is sized to share, you won't go home hungry as the dishes are also bottomless!

Bottomless drink and food... jackpot! The menu size isn't very big but what they do they do well. Thankfully the food was more catered towards evening dining than your usual brunch offerings, dishes such as, steak, mac & cheese and mini beef sliders.


Part restaurant, part night club!

That's pretty much what you get at STK! With live entertainment throughout the night, you definitely feel it's money well spent.

Entertainment consisting of disco ball and tv head dancers, metallic men, percussion players, singers and what can only be described as stretchy ladies kept the night unique but what else would you expect from an Ibiza venue?!

With the table only being allocated for two of the three hours the last hour was spent by the bar where the same level of service ensued! Although the price may seem steep, the 99 Euros is only for men, with women having to pay only 69 euros. Not something i would generally agree with, with it being 2020 and all but hey ho!

Side note: you get a 10% discount to O Beach which is a nice little touch, and if you do end up going, i would highly recommend the sushi platters!


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